The Team

The Team

Jody Jacobs


Naavah Benjamin
Design & Development

Lilian Chan
Platform Manager

Tiy Cheung
Head of China Office

Chingcheng Fan
Data Analyst

Stephanie Gordon
Head of Business Development

Daniel Green
Wholesale and Trading

Gideon Halter
Head of Sales

Ojie Irabor
Junior Procurement Manager

Tina Lally
Executive Assistant to CEO

Xiaoqing Lin
Marketing Assistant

Andy Luo
Assistant to Head of China Office

Sam Osborne

Martina Di Toma
Sales Assistant

Rafael Santos
Sales Administrator

Mor Shkolnik
Logistics Coordinator

Jascy Wu
Account Manager

Cherrie Chu
Sales Executive

Yahan Chuang
Head of Marketing

Xiaodan Wang
Graphic Designer

Chang Feng
Pop Store Manager

Kai Ye
Graphic Designer

Ricardo Rutkowski
Warehouse Operative

Fane Huo
Marketing Executive

Montel Johnson-Albert
Trainee Warehouse Operative

John Smith