About Us

For close to 10 years Brand Avenue has been supplying an international client based with consumer goods across multiple product categories.


Brand Avenue now supplies some of the world’s leading off-price retailers both on and offline.

Since its establishment in 2011 Brand Avenue has built an international customer base and supply network. With Head office and warehouse in London, UK and offices in Guangzhou, China and a sister office in New York, USA Brand Avenue has expanded to supply customers in more than 50 countries.

Brand Avenue understands the needs of international trade and the growth of ecommerce and what implications that has on supply and has a team well trained in the nuisances that each country and commodity bring.We value ourselves as a partner to our suppliers and customers, we are about building lasting relationships in an open and honest way. Our team works hard to ensure relationships are built, trust is forged, and partnerships grow.

We Work Hard


Estimated number of cross-border ecommerce customers 2018 (millions)

Estimated cross-border ecommerce sales 2018 (billion USD)